Beware of roofing scams

As if hail, high winds, and storms aren’t bad enough – bad weather also brings bad actors to town looking to make a quick dime off of of you and your insurance company.

Usually these storm chasers travel across multiple states following hail maps published by the National Weather Service. They’ll call you repeatedly or just show up at your door offering to do a quick quote on the spot. DON’T AGREE TO ANYTHING on the spot with these companies! They often do the absolute least amount of work with the absolute cheapest materials, if they even do the work at all. Then they leave town and you’re left to deal with years of roof problems.

First of all, you have plenty of time to file a claim with your insurance company if you have storm damage. In spring, it might be a good idea to wait in the event that another hail storm passes through. Of course if you have significant damage you will want to get that repaired right away.

Angie’s List published a good article about how these companies operate. Do your research before you sign on to have any work done on your roof. We always encourage our customers to get multiple quotes and recommendations from friends and neighbors.

If you think you have storm or hail damage, give us a call and we will be happy to provide a free and honest estimate. We also provide warranties on our work.